Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From 2 inches to this

...in just five hours.

And no, I don't miss it.

My mom lives south of where I went to school, and I swear we always got more snow than she did.

Anyway, after poking and prodding yesterday, I think I'll survive my trip to the doctors and the lab. For those that don't know me, I'm terrified of needles. Despite having three tattoos. Go figure. The full physical went well. Everything appears healthy with the exception of my shin splints. But he gave me heavy duty Motrin for that last week and it works quite well. I'll run some tomorrow to see how it holds up. After the physical, I got my koondis (aka skin tab) removed. It hurt. Hurt more than my blood draw (thank God she used a small needle on me for that!). But what hurt worse than all of that combined?

Having my lovely wife peel the tape and gauze off my back. At least we were both laughing the whole time.


cinda1212 said...

I'm lost. Did I miss something? What was the skin tab? have a mole removed or something?

And you have tattoos??

TK42ONE said...

Yeah, it's kind of like a mole, but not really. It's one of those little flaps of skin that, well, just flaps there. Anyway, I had it taken off. It never bothered me (it was right at my waist line), but William decided to pull it the other day so I figured I'd add it to the list of things for the doctor's visit.

And yes, I have tattoos. Three to be precise. The first two were applied while I was in college, one on each shoulder blade. Each are slightly larger than a half-dollar. One is the Rebel symbol from Star Wars, the other is the Imperial symbol.

The third tattoo was applied on William's first birthday. I know I posted about it, but it has "William" and "Richard" and the family's cattle brand between them. It's on my right calf, on the outside of my leg. Pretty big.

Did you know Yvonne has one? A hedgehog with a rose on her right leg, just above the ankle.

Yvonne said...


I confess. I have a tattoo also. We are rebels. What can I tell you. My students think it is very cool (it can be seen when I wear capri pants). My family (cousins and aunts) was shocked that I got one, but they said now I truly belong. It seems they never pictured me as the tattoo type.

cinda1212 said...

I'm stunned! :)

I wonder who else has them... hmm.

I know Glenn, Steve, Eric... my Dad (and Gail), obviously.

Sunny? Adam? An interesting pondering...

TK42ONE said...

Good question. Maybe we could have a poll among the family? I know of one cousin on my dad's side that has one, but that's it.