Friday, November 07, 2008

Good news or Bad news?

  1. The peanut butter is gone from the three mouse traps. Good
  2. No mouse in the mouse traps. Bad
  3. Eight new glue traps placed. Good
  4. Found potential hiding place of mouse. Good
  5. Hiding place is over kitchen cabinets. Bad
  6. 38 inch waist pants keep riding low, gangsta style. Bad
  7. Waist appears to have shrunk from working out. Good
  8. All shorts and pants are 38 inch waist. Bad
  9. The shed getting primed some more today. Good
  10. The weather is in the 70s today. Good
  11. Survivorman Season 3 starts tonight. Good
  12. This stupid list. Bad

Total Bad = 5

Total Good = 7

Therefore, it's a good day.

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