Monday, November 24, 2008

The power of 3

*Caution - There will be swearing in this post.

I've long been a fan of the number 3 (sorry Paulie, I have to use the number, not the word here). Probably because I was born on the 3rd. Or just because I'm weird. Anyway, the number 3 has appeared in many things cool. The Star Wars Trilogy. The Back to the Future Trilogy. The Icewind Dale Trilogy. A "silence of three parts" in The Name of the Wind.

I've been re-reading (listening actually) S. M. Stirling's saga about The Change. Repeatedly there's the idea or concept of "the three-fold law" essentially saying that if you do something good, it will be repaid to you three-fold. Same goes for evil. Kind of like what you dish out, you get back. I've never been a big fan of this "pay it forward" kind of mentality. After all, look what happened to the kid in the movie.

Which brings us my weekend. It sucked. Shopping when you're tired is NOT a good idea. Tired and cranky makes it worse. Tired and cranky in a sea of people, well, you get the idea. Saturday was spent at the local library getting a library card (more on that in a later post), watching Elizabeth learn about money, shopping at the local craft fair (more on that in a second), and shopping in town for groceries, Christmas presents, and the like.

While at the craft fair, there was a dearth of parking spots. So I parked in what one would assume to be a normal spot, behind someone else. When we left, someone decided to park behind me, effectively making my day. And if you happen to be that TN VOL fan, I'm not sorry I pushed your fucking car the few inches I did to remove myself from the parking lot. You're damn lucky I didn't push you to the other side of the fucking lot because I easily could have. So enjoy your early fucking Christmas present and I seriously hope I don't run into you in the next week. I might do something stupid just like you.

Yesterday was even more pleasant. Instead of six hours of sleep, I got four. But the sea of people had ebbed a bit, so I was able to ford my way through. We did get some more groceries for the holidays and I gave a few chuckles at Victoria's Secret. Elizabeth and I went to pick up some free underwear and I decided to shop for a Christmas present. Elizabeth was anxious to leave so she could ride the "rides" in the mall (those little car-thingies that move around). Well, when she heard I wanted to "shop" there, she said "Why daddy? Everything in here is for girls." "Yes sweetie, everything in here is for girls, , but I wanted to shop for something for mommy, not for me to wear." The woman passing by did her best not to laugh out loud. At least not while I was close enough to hear her. Then we had Yvonne losing more of a crown last night. It's a wonderful, wonderful thing that I don't like beer. I might be an alcoholic if I did.

And this morning, things looked brighter. Our dentist was nice enough to update us on the changes made based on our letter (which was based on our poor experience with Elizabeth's teeth). So that made me feel better. And my hygienist was chatty, which was okay, but it still makes me wonder if deaf people talk while at the dentist. Anybody know?

So now that I've let off some steam, I'm starting to gear up for next year and what projects it will bring. I'm brewing one right now, but we'll see how it works out. Meanwhile I'll be counting to ten.

One Abbamondi

Two Abbamondi

Three Abbamondi

Four Abbamondi

Five Abbamondi

Six Abbamondi

Seven Abbamondi

Eight Abbamondi

Nine Abbamondi

Ten Abbamondi

I am now at peace with the galaxy.


Paul Abbamondi said...

Anyone that even *ponders* blocking someone in with their car deserves to have it keyed. Or pushed. Or pushed into big frakking key.

Hopefully this is, uh, being payed forward somehow and you get an awesome day soon. Vicki's can help with that, I believe.

TK42ONE said...

Vicki's added to the frustration as everything I wanted to buy I knew wouldn't be worn every day. But that's another sob story.

Meanwhile, my good deed of gently, ever so gently pushing the car out of the way is currently being paid forward by my dishwasher. The dishwasher that appears to be giving me a big middle finger.

1979 semi-finalist said...

And again I am reminded how happy I am that I do 90% of my shopping online (I am also reminded that I have this luxury largely by not having a family...which takes some of the awesomeness away...)

Good luck to you for the rest of the holiday season!

TK42ONE said...

No family? Sounds like a story there that may be too depressing for me to handle. With the dishwasher on it's way out the door, I'm not sure I can handle too much more.

1979 semi-finalist said...

"not having a family"

That did sound funny. I do have a family (a complete set even - parents and two brothers - one even has a new wife) but they live far away, and since I don't have children...I just have less errands I have to do. If I don't want to go to the store to buy groceries, I don't. I just go hungry, or order in, or go out, or whatever, and I can do this because I don't have anyone I have to take care of. It's nice. I take full advantage and it makes me lazy as all get out in some ways. I suppose I'm also missing out on something...but since I don't know what that might be I'm just going to claim the whole "ignorance is bliss thing"...