Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winter has come early

No, I'm not talking snow, I'm talking hibernation. For some reason I've been neglecting my readers here and on the UFO blog. I think I just need some mental down-time after my last class, the dental visits, and an attempt to get my old, creaky body into some semblance of shape.

My class was a nightmare. The professor was nothing short of Napolean in his tyranny. But I survived and I should scrape by with a decent grade.

The dental nightmares just seem to continue. Elizabeth pulled through like a trooper but will likely have to go back again to get things evened out so they don't hurt when she bites or eats. I'll post more on this later.

And getting my body in shape? That's more of a farce or a comedy or a tragedy. Maybe a mix of all three. I have one specific goal, it's very short term (since it's right around the damn corner), but I've been working towards it. I think I'll make it, but barely. In the meantime, the newly opened YMCA and their treadmills have become my best friends (or worst enemies).

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