Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Drudge Report

The good news is, it really wasn't much of a drudge-like weekend. We started out Saturday morning doing a charity walk for the local SPCA (where we adopted Henry from). It was nice to get out and do something besides the usual shopping. And (bonus for me), it gave me an excuse to skip the Y the day before and after so I could run the two mile route Saturday. I didn't do as well as I wanted (kind of hard to run as fast as you did 15 years ago), but I'm happy with my time. I did learn that I need to make sure my socks are on right as I'm now sporting a blister on my heel. After that we did a mini-run to the stores and I got some lights for my shed with some gift cards.

Then it was home for showers and naps before heading back to town for an alumni gathering for our college (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania). It was nice to see so many people from the area (nearly 100) but I only knew like two people. And one of them was my wife. But we met some other graduates and had a good time. And to prove we were a married couple with children, we spent the rest of our date night shopping for groceries. If you have kids, you'll understand.

Yesterday was more shopping in town, more groceries, and more prescriptions. I swear strangers would think were all drug addicts by looking at the long line of meds on our counter. But they all help. A lot. And William appears to be over his upset stomach and even seems to be taking to drinking more water. Something we'll be encouraging after learning about too much juice from Elizabeth's dental trials.

Today was catching up with laundry, dishes, and recovering from the Steeler's win last night. I love my big screen, but man am I tired by 11pm. But I did make it to the Y and did a mixed workout today (damn blister hates me when I run). And they finally got their showers fixed, so I could clean up before coming home.

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