Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Confessional

Feel free to add your own confessions in the comments.

- I did not exercise yesterday. My penance was to exercise even more today.
- I did not read very much of Stone's Yule story. My penance is to finish it today.
- I volunteered to proof a paper for you-know-what. My penance is to ignore it until Monday.
- I did not record Nadal's win last night. My penance is to watch the replay today.
- I got hooked on Lost yesterday. My penance is to finish Stone's Yule story before I continue.
- I did very well at you-know-what over the last quarter. My penance is to attend an awards dinner tonight without my wife.
- I did not help my daughter brush her teeth everyday over the last three years. My penance is to be scared out of my wits while she endures serious dental work tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

In both of the instances you used "you-know-what", I have no idea what you're referring to. I'm not sure if I'm just not caffeinated enough yet to get it, or if this just wasn't meant for public consumption/understanding.

Anonymous said...

"you-know-what" is code for "work." There was an issue with a certain company's legal department taking issue with certain posts.

1979 semi-finalist said...

mmm confessionals...

I confess I have not worked out...for pretty much a year, and as such have put myself in a miserable/dangerous position in both my personal life and future work life (maybe). Good times! Guess it's high time to get back on the horse that is elliptical trainer. Boo!

Liked your confessional (and your penance follow ups!). I'm sorry about your daughter's teeth - that is a miserable situation to be in - for parent and daughter.

TK42ONE said...

sraets - I believe the anonymous poster should answer your questions.

1979 - I do have other reasons for working out, but being tired of being fat or at least feeling fat is the biggest. So join the party! (as in the workout party, not the fat party)