Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Recovery

I'm hoping to recover this week from our busy weekend. Busy you ask? Yes. We were this busy:

- rake leaves out from flower bed
Check. And I raked around the shed and along the tree line. And cleaned out the shed gutters.
- burn after 4 pm
Check. Plus some scrap cardboard and lumber from the shed.
- oil change at 8 am and 9 am
Check and check.
- prep/plan for yard sale/free ads
Kind of a check on this one. Not much left for the free ads, so we'll get into planning for the yard sale later.
- finish bedroom floor
Check. It squeaked. Now it doesn't.

And that was just my To Do List. Added to this we also:
- Bought clothes. Lots of new clothes. Enough to make us both go through our closets and dressers a bit and empty them out.
- Bought/Read books. Bought Before They Are Hanged, Revelation, and The Blade Itself (the non-Abercrombie version). Finished Dead to Me (which I highly recommend). Started Sacrifice.
- Buy/Watch movies. Bought The Ark of Truth and No Country For Old Men. The later was awesome. Best movie I've seen in ages and I don't know why. Purely gripping. Opposite that was Order of the Phoenix. By far the worst of the Harry Potter movies so far.
- Buy Elizabeth's new bed. She's in a Twin bed now. Kid loves it.
- Buy yard supplies. Bought some crabgrass killer, shade flowers, and potting soil.

And I'm sure there's more to add to this insane list, but I'll leave it at that. Now if today was only slow enough at work for me to recover a bit, I might be okay. Sleep was elusive last night. After crawling into bed at 10 pm, I was up at midnight (dog wanted out), 12:30 am (Elizabeth had a bad dream), 4:30 am (William was screaming from a messy diaper), 5:30 am (Yvonne's alarm went off), and 5:50 am (my alarm). I should have been an insomniac.

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