Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another News Roundup-edited-

If you want to skip ahead and ruin the ending, the new button is at the bottom. Otherwise, stick around.

Abuse Excuse
It appears the abuse excuse has been taken to a whole new level by this guy. Wow. Sure beats telling the cops that the neighbor's dog told me to do it.

Shorpy-like News
In this very Shorpy-like photo, we can see a bridge from the Civil War. You can read more about it in the article here.

Daddy's Shed
The permit is approved. We'll start running electrical wires soon. Once inspected and approved, we'll insulate, drywall, and paint. Then I can chillax/work in style.

Damn. I hate to see such a quality show die like this, but at least it was a decent ending. Not like the ending of Season 1 of Witchblade (which sticks with me to this day) where she turns back time and jumps back to the beginning of the season. I was a little worried the plane would be struck by lightening and blow up. Then I was worried Chavez or Hawkins would flip and blow up the bomb in Texas. But damn. Why can't we see what happens to Beck and the other troops? ARGHARGH!!! Oh, and if you've ever wondered what the Morse Code meant at the beginning of each episode, check this out.

DC Gun Ban
Did you know that guns in DC were once legal? Even in school?

Stripper + Funeral = WTF?!
You read that right.

Snakes on a Plane
Did you guys know I'm on the SOAP DVD? Well I am. But not for reasons like this.


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cinda1212 said...

that sounds like the guy who stole my identity saying it was my fault because he had a set of drawings with my name and stamp on it.

yep. guess that makes it my fault, alright.