Thursday, April 12, 2007


You can start here with a definition.

Why do I mention this word? Well, I've always been interested in the stuff. It's very much like people-watching (something I've always enjoyed). But with ephemera, you can only see what's on the page. Which means you need to look at their handwriting, tone of voice, content, punctuation, everything gives you a little glimpse into their life at that one moment.

So far, my hardest part has been finding a reason to go buy the stuff. There's a store in old town Fredericksburg that has a nice little stash of it and whenever I get the chance to go there, I always take a peek. Granted, they also sell some nice antique books (another interest of mine) but my collecting in that genre has drastically dropped.

So today after eating breakfast with Dad, I walked down the street to have a peek. I didn't even look at the books, but did buy some handwritten letters, most dating back to the early 1900s. And yes, I did come up with an excuse. RESEARCH!!

Same reason I picked up a book on the American West. Research for War Wagon. I've already read the letters and have a few things that sparked ideas. Most of which I'll likely find a way to include in my story.

I may head back tomorrow for more browsing, but I feel good with the stash I have so far. I've already back-tracked the one sheet of genealogy info to an original passenger on the Mayflower. And while the book I got is a bit cartoony at times, I'm probably just as excited about it as I am the letters from a stranger.

So, that's my adventure for today. Ephemera.

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Epheros said...

That is really cool, I'd have to check that joint out next time I head up that way. I love old books too. I have a Red Cross Fiorst Aid book (third edition) that was printed in Philth-edelphia in 1925. It's in marvelous shape, and it only cost me about a 25-5- cents or so at a yard sale.

I love collect ing old books like that, it's great - now if only I can find a 5th millenium B.C. book on demons or something cool, I'd be happy.