Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A vote for William is a vote against Jake Ryan

Vote now!

Please support my cause. My wife is trying to name our next child "Jake Ryan Richard" after the esteemed actor, Michael Schoeffling. Well, Jake Ryan is NOT my hero, nor my high school crush.

No matter how much the ladies think he's cute, I don't want my wife to use that dreadful line "Jake? Jake's my boy!" (from that classic 80's movie, Sixteen Candles). It's bad enough she wears socks that say "I love Jake." Come on, she's a married woman carrying our second child!

I myself would rather name our child "William." It's a good "classic" name that is seen throughout my family tree. And I think it would match Elizabeth (our 3 year old daughter) quite well.

So, vote now. Should it be William or Jake?

* Caution - we do not know the sex of the second baby at this time. Expect updates Friday.


Anonymous said...

Well, now, who named Elizabeth, Elizabeth? If it was you, my friend, you may have to submit to the whims of your woman in an act of fairness.

Jacob isn't that bad a name anyway, it's "classic" like you were looking for, but the nickname is what your wife wants to use. There's the compromise if she wins, the name's Jacob but she can call him Jake.

I think I'd go for Jacob anyway, after all, most of the Williams I know aren't endearing people.

Neil Richard said...

"Elizabeth" came from her great-aunt, "Leona" (her middle name) came from my grandmother. But we both decided on Elizabeth. No questions, instant decision.

As for Jacob, well, it makes me think of John Jacob Jingle Himmer Schmidt.

Anonymous said...

William what? What middle name?

I vote for William. But I doubt my vote counts.


Anonymous said...

I'll vote for William over Jacob. How about William James?

Anonymous said...

If it's to be William then I suggest the middle name be "Kid", after all, if you're going to keep history alive you may as well be a little more specific...

P.S., sorry, I forgot to sign above, mine was the first post.

Anonymous said...

I HEART JAKE RYAN, TOO!!! Any normal girl aged 30-40 probably does too. Amy has that bumper sticker on her computer. Between 16 Candles and Mermaids, we girls just weren't given enough of him.

But I had a friend in jr high who was always called 'Jakey' and at 33 he still can't shake it. For that alone, I'd have a problem with using Jacob or Jake, even though I really DO like the name Jake.

I really love the name Will - we almost used it (William is my Dad's middle name, too). But Henri didn't want to take the chance that any kid of ours would be called "Bill". So that ended that conversation. So instead we went the 'freaky totally non-traditional' route for both kids' first names. Middle names are traditional family names. We like 'em just the same.

So... from one cousin to another... lay off your pregnant wife and cut her some slack. Jake Ryan is the ULTIMATE candy. Yum. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support cinda! To set the record straight I have 2 pairs of socks that say "I LOVE JAKE RYAN." One pair has his picture and the other pair is covered in the words "I LOVE JAKE RYAN". You wouldn't believe the smiles I get at school when I wear them :-) Now that I know how much this means to Neil, I will have to campain harder.

Anonymous said...

It's 3 days after you were supposed to find out the sex. So...??????


Anonymous said...

dcSeeing that I had to suffer through countless showings of the Molly Movies as I child I have to vote for William on this one. It's no Metallica, Pilot Inspector, Kal-el, Banjo, Audio Science, or Dweezeil, but I think it'll do:)

BTW, thank you for not naming Elizabeth Diva Muffin, Moxie CrimeFighter, Fifi Trixibelle, or Peaches Honeyblossom. Celebrities are cruel when it comes to naming their kids.... http://www.infoplease.com/spot/celebrity-baby-names.html