Friday, July 21, 2006

The open descrimination of hairy men

I am a hairy man.

And I’m willing to publicly acknowledge that fact. I’m not admitting to it because that would imply it’s a crime to have a hairy chest.

Others see it differently.

Over the past few months, I’ve periodically checked magazines (Glamour and Cosmo) from a co-worker for humorous articles about sex advice. What got me hooked was how a woman was to use a donut to entice a man sexually.

And it had nothing to do with the man eating it.

Sorry ladies, donuts in my mouth beat donuts on my you-know-what.

Anyway, while breezing through these trashy magazines, I began to notice how the men are portrayed. Don’t ask why, I’m a happily married, heterosexual father. So while looking at men was a bit odd at first, it became suddenly apparent that nearly all the men have no hair on their chest.

I now call them “bald men” but maybe “boys” is a better term.

Back to the story, last month set me off in a quest to gather more empirical evidence to support my findings. Last month showed an impressive 2 men with hairy chests. But one was a “old, wrinkly, perverted nudist” in an ad.

But now I’ll prove to you that current women’s magazines (not those kind though) are biased towards a bald boy. I saw end the discrimination against hairy men.

Hairy men unite!

Glamour – August 2006 issue
Men with hair on their chest = 2
“Men” with no hair on their chest = 3 ½*

* I only count those men with no shirts on and have a visible chest. The ½ for this issue is from a man wearing a shirt that was unbuttoned down the front and hanging open.

Cosmo – August 2006 issue
Men with hair on their chest = 2
“Men” with no hair on their chest = 9*

* One "man" had his picture in there twice. I only counted him once.

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Anonymous said...


I and a number of my lady friends are VERY appreciative of men with hairy chests.

We get very upset when we see our favorite actors in movies with their chest hair shaved off.

Why not post a photo of yourself to share? Please. :)