Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How was your weekend?

One simple question.

One tough answer.

I picked up my boss yesterday on the way to work (he locked his keys in the car) and he asked the simple question "How was your weekend?"

Not so good. Seems like it's an all around bad year for me, but I'm surviving. My mom spent Saturday night and part of Sunday in the hospital with chest pain (see her blog post here). On top of that, our bathroom remodel has hit quite a big snag. It seems our plumbing doesn't want to work (both the water supply lines and the drains). Then we have my Lasik surgery this Thursday which was running the risk of being delayed (until today). It seems I have a droopy eyelid and both the eye doc and regular doc wanted to check things out before clearing me for the Lasik (current prognosis is a mild case of Horner's Syndrome, but more details will follow after a meeting with the neuro doc).

And to top this off, my aunt spent time in the hospital last week with chest pain and I've lost two uncles this year. And let's not forget the declining health of my last surviving Grandmother either.

I'm starting to think I've hit my depression low so I've been trying to focus on the positive. no matter how hard it might be.

- I'm cleared for my Lasik surgery (I really hate glasses).
- I finally finished City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMeer (see my review here).
- Which means I can now continue reading Betrayal Aaron Allston.
- I'm still continuing to write in my journal (old school pen and paper).
- My blood pressure this morning was 98 over 66 (quite good she told me).
- Everything else looks good in the bathroom.
- I have a loving wife that puts up with my wierdness (and lately my crappy attitude).
- The afore mentioned loving wife will be bringing me a Quizno's sub today for lunch.

And that's as creative as I get right now.

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Anonymous said...

Here is another positive.....
Your Mom is feeling better and still hasnt smoked since Sat nite.

Wishing you great eyesight after tomorrow!

I love you.