Tuesday, May 09, 2006

TGIF a few days late

Lots going on the past few weeks.  Seems like tax season just ended and I’m already busy with other things at work and home.  To start with we had our annual Spring Fling the week after tax season ended.  That meant hours of planning and prep work to pull off a great Intuit Idol show.  And after all the positive comments, I can’t wait to finish making the DVD (we had 3 cameras running to cover the show).

After that, there’s the driveway.  We had a guy pull up late one night (just before dark) and ask if we wanted an asphalt driveway.  We had talked about it many times before (and even had somebody give us an estimate), but we’d never done much beyond that.  So at a discounted rate, he and his crew dropped a truck load of hot tar on our driveway.  Figures they ran out about 6 feet from the road, so they had to come back the next morning to finish.  But it’s done and looks decent.  And I don’t have to walk in the mud anymore.

Then there’s the shed.  I finally sealed the floor.  Extremely disappointed in the accuracy of the coverage area listed on the box.  I had two boxes, each said it would cover 250 sq ft.  That’s 500 sq feet of sealer.  Everything looked great until I started to paint.  I used a good portion cutting in the edges, then had to use every last drop to finish (for a point of reference, our shed is 14’x24’, a total of 336 sq ft.  The good news is it looks okay.  Not great, but okay.  Sweeps much easier too.  The gutter guy also came.  Installed the industrial size gutters and downspouts.  They look great and work great.

Then there’s everything else.  I take a concealed handgun class tonight to get my permit (already bought a Springfield 9mm XD compact).  I get some minor dental work done tomorrow followed by a service visit from Sears and a termite treatment for the shed.  We’re still looking into roommates for our trip to the beach this summer.  We’ve scheduled our visits to the local dinner theater for the year (with Cats on the schedule, we had to do it early).  And all sorts of the usual stuff going on with Yvonne and Elizabeth.

Oh, can’t forget the new pictures.


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