Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Freaks - but aren't we all?

So I'm going through my RSS feeds and come across this little tidbit of movie history.

"Freaks" on Google Video

At just over an hour long, I was completely sucked in by the story. Granted, I was obviously intrigued by the "freaks," the story was remarkably well written. I think even with "normal" actors it would have been a good movie. Not on the level of Jimmy Stewart, but close.

But I was amazed (well, not really, but you know what I mean) at the amount of social impact this movie had. To think that it could still be technically illegal to purchase it in some states is scary. Yes, the people were not the cookie-cutter WASP you see on TV ads, but come on. Welcome to the next century.

The other thing that was amazing was the shear talent of these people. I don't know if it came from years of performing in circus shows, but they were good actors. And they also had other talents that most of us couldn't do without years of practice.

But in the end, I was brought back to reality a bit. These "freaks" are just as human as the rest of us. It doesn't matter if you're the "Human Worm" in Freaks, an LP on Little People, Big World, or a 6 foot tall white guy working in a cube. We're all people.

And we're all just as freaky as the next person.

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