Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Delusions of Grandeur

While this phrase has been over-used in the Star Wars universe many times (and by countless others), this is the only thing that can possibly describe our annual Memorial Day picnic Sunday.

We invited our usual guests (3 local couples and their children, 2 out-of-town couples, 2 out-of-town singles, and my Dad).

And this year, we invited even more people (to include but not limited to friends from local clubs, co-workers, and neighbors).

And our turn-out?  Adults came in at 11, kids at 3.  Nowhere near as many as expected.

I can understand our out-of-towners not coming or having other plans, but I should have known when they started to cancel that things were not looking good.  We did have our usual kick-ball game (the men won by sheer talent and the fact that the women liked to cheat), plenty of eats (which we still have tons of leftovers), plenty of drinks (again, tons of leftovers), and a bonfire (plenty of leftover wood too).

And pictures?  I preferred to not document our failure at the big party we expected.  Maybe next year we’ll downsize it a bit.  Or go elsewhere.

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