Wednesday, May 31, 2017

40 Years Ago Today - May 31, 1977

I was not sure where to enter this particular info but as it appears that everything was written on May 31, 1977, that is the date I will stick with. This entry has two parts, one that occurs on May 31, 1977 and another that's post-dated for May 29, 1977.

The first entry is yet another ear infection, this one labeled as "serious." I can only assume Dr. Cho worked his magic and I healed just like I did from the other ear infections.

The second entry is dated May 29, 1977 but is listed as a "NOTE:" directly under the May 31st entry. It states I went to the Emergency Room in Bountiful, Utah and saw a "DR Mathews for a gastrointestinal virus" and that it was "contagious." As a parent, I can imagine how much that experience sucked.

What I find interesting from this second entry is that I was in Bountiful, Utah. This is where my aunt and uncle lived for decades.

[EDITED June 1, 2017]
Based on some additional information from my mother, it wasn't a "serious" ear infection but instead "serous" as in "serous otitis media" as in fluid in your middle ear. In other words, typically what small children get tubes in their ears to prevent from happening.

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