Friday, June 05, 2015

National Running Donut Day

Since I didn't run on #RunningDay yesterday and today is #DonutDay, I combined them and made a #SheetzRun for my free donut.

Best of all, I survived. As any local would know, 206 is a bit hairy as a cyclist or pedestrian. So I broke out my bright colors and hit the road. Along the way, I had a few encounters:
- 1 driver got the one-finger salute for drifting a bit too close to the white line
- 80% of bus drivers waved (the other 20% had both hands on the wheel and were safely navigating around me so I'm okay with them not waving)
- 50% of Sheriff's Deputies waved (one was working a call, so again, I'm okay with that)
- 100% of runners waved at me (thanks Karyl-Lynne T. !)
- 100% of Blender bottle users waved at me
- 2 dead and very squished snakes
- 1 dead racoon
- one half of a pair of channel-lock pliers

I'm sure I caught a few WTF looks but it was hard to see them and frankly didn't care. All I cared about is if the drivers saw me.

Time to make eat the donuts!

Temps were about 55F to 60F. Winds were light making things a bit chilly at times. Sky was overcast. Humidity was high but wasn't really an issue due to lower temps.

Fluids and Fuel:
Half a cup of coffee before my run. One bottle of plain water on the outbound leg. One plain glazed donut from Sheetz at the half-way point. One bottle of plain water on the inbound leg. Recovery was coffee, iced tea, two eggs (with yolk), leftover meatloaf, and asparagus.

Aches and Pains:
Lower, right glute felt a little tweaky on the way back. Stepped on a sharp rock on with about a mile left in the run but I don't think I re-aggravated my injury. Calves and shins hurt on the way out but I think it was my gait. First two miles or so I felt all sorts of wonky and unbalanced.

Wore shorts and cycling jersey. Carried my .380 with no issues. Wore my belt to carry my phone.

Today's Motivation:
I'll be honest, I was tempted to climb back into bed this morning but I somehow tricked my brain into getting dressed and getting out the door.

Naughty Neil:
Well I'm sure as hell not counting the donut. It was damn tasty and I needed the fuel to make it back home. Last night I limited my snack to just a bowl of chips. Not too shabby after a more normal sized dinner.

Splits are from RunKeeper.
Mile 1 - 12:07
Mile 2 - 11:39
Mile 3 - 13:12
Mile 4 - 12:35
Mile 5 - 17:01 (includes me getting my donut)
Mile 6 - 11:35
Mile 7 - 11:51
Mile 8 - 12:10

These are my splits.
Outbound - 49:54
Inbound - 53:25 (includes donut time)
Finish - 1:43:19

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