Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend at Boerne's

We survived our trip to San Antonio with flying colors I think. It was a whirlwind weekend but I think everyone had fun, nobody got hurt, and we all got back to normal fairly quickly. Prepare yourself for lots of words and lots of pictures.

We got up at the butt-ass-crack-o-fucking-dawn. I know I usually exaggerate a bit when I say that but 4am is super early. Well, we got up at about 2:30am so yeah, it was too damn early. I nearly stayed up all night but decided a few hours of sleep was better than none.

We got everyone in the car, drove to Richmond, parked, and walked into the airport. The kids were still a bit sleepy but were alert enough to be excited. We checked our bags at the counter, got our tickets, and headed to security. We took our shoes off but found out on the other side that we didn't need to do that. We went through the standard metal detector as a family so that was good. Once we got dressed on the other side, we found our gate and sat down. The kids and I walked around a bit, bought some gum, and generally just chilled out.

Our flight left on time and the sun was up just enough so the kids could look out the window to see what it was like to fly. There were no panic attacks just lots of ear popping. We had drinks, read, colored, played, etc. We landed in DFW, went to the bathroom, grabbed snacks, and boarded out next flight. William was lucky enough to see the first cockpit so of course Elizabeth wanted a turn so she got to see the second one. Even got to push the throttle forward (don't worry, we didn't move).

Stormy takes flight!

Second flight was much shorter. We got in the air, they served drinks, they collected drinks, and we landed. Once on the ground in DFW, we grabbed our suitcases, took the shuttle to our car, and then drove out of town. We grabbed some lunch and chilled a bit to get our land legs back before heading to my sister-in-law's house. We got to visit with family there, ate dinner, then went to our hotel in Boerne. Which by the way is pronounced "Bernie." So it quickly became our "Weekend at Boerne's."

Friday we got up and hit the Riverwalk in San Antonio. The Alamo was unimpressive for everyone but we had a great time on the Riverwalk and on the boat tour.

The Alamo was ... meh.

The Riverwalk was awesome!

After that, we headed back to the hotel for naps then to the rehearsal outside of Boerne to the rehearsal dinner in San Antonio.

Saturday brought rain and cooler temperatures. We visited a local cave/cavern, saw bats (eek!), and then did some chilling out before the wedding. The wedding was great, had no issues, and we all went to the hotel tired from the adventure.

The dinosaur at the cave.

Some RANDOM letters we saw on the trip.

Sunday we went the newlywed's house and had brunch, more time with the family, and then we went shopping. It was generally just an easy day of doing nothing and getting ready for the slugfest that would be coming.

Monday was indeed a slugfest. We got up at a more normal hour, checked out of the hotel, dropped off the car, and checked into the airport. Saw a neat sculpture,went through security, and waited at the gate. The kids had a great time watching all the ground traffic with tow cars, baggage cars, planes landing, and more. We also got one more chance to see my brother-in-law and his new baby.

After a good three hour delay, we finally left San Antonio, endured a bumpy ride to DFW, and got off the plane well after our connecting flight. Which meant we had to wait for a new flight which was about 5 hours later. So we checked out the terminal, I entertained the kids with two trips (one in each direction) around the airport on the train, and then dinner. After dinner I took each kid on a walk around the terminal before we moved to another gate for departure. While we hoped for a decent departure time, we had another 3 hour delay leaving DFW so thankfully we had plenty of time to do all the goofy things you need to do to entertain two extremely bored kids and one bored adult. I'm just glad I didn't buy a bottle of booze in the "doodie free" shops.

We finally left DFW and arrived in Richmond on Tuesday.

It's made out of suitcases.

William's artwork from dinner.

This is how you entertain yourself (and your kids) in DFW.

Once we arrived, we got our bags, found our car, and headed home. Everyone was snoozing away but I managed to grab some coffee on the flight so I was good to go. We eventually crashed around 3am. Yvonne got up for work at her usual time but we let the kids (and myself) sleep in. They slept in a little but I fed them and sent them off to school anyway because I figured half a day of school was better than none.

Finally, this is what everyone looked like on the last flight home. Pooped.

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Lauren said...

I love San Antonio, especially love, love, love the river walk. I am jealous. Great pictures!