Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Training my Caboose off

Started my run this morning with some cross-training. Emptied the pickup full of bathroom destruction. Tile. Drywall. Flooring. Toilet. Even the 300 pound cast iron tub. Once that was done, I made my way down the trail and did my best to enjoy the scenery and the weather. It was chilly but you could tell it was getting warmer by the minute. The sun was out and the cows were .... mooing? Looing? Anyway, they were noisy as all get-out.



Temps were about 45F to 50F. Warmed a bit before I finished. Sun was out in full. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
A little coffee before the run. Plain water during the run. Finished the bottle just before the end. Recovery was a burrito and latte.

Aches and Pains:

Wore a thermal long sleeve, vest, buff, gloves, shorts, and pants.

Naughty Neil:
I had more cake and ice cream last night. But no beer. I may have that tonight. And my breakfast burrito wasn't all that healthy. But it was better than the other choices I could have  made.

Today's Motivation:
Stressing out over the plumber and the bathroom and everything else. Seems like the list never ends and keeps growing no matter what you do. The only positive I keep reminding myself of is that when this is done, this house will be THE SHIT.

Mile 1 - 13:24
Mile 2 - 15:07
Mile 3 - 11:45
Finish - 40:19

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