Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cuts Like A Knife

Today's run was very much needed but very painful too. I needed it, wanted it, and got it done. My alarm went off and I ignored it, choosing to get another hour or so of sleep. Once I finally rolled out of bed, I downed about half a serving of GenUCAN and got my gear ready. Within half an hour I got out the door only to find that it was a bit rainy out. Not full on rain but more of a light mist. I'd end up getting lucky in missing almost all the rain. I had a few drops here and there but nothing too terrible. Although the down side to that was the humidity was insane.

Along the way, I felt pretty good at the start. I had a decent pace, cadence felt good, and overall everything was nominal. I saw some underwear, some more underwear, and a guy walking his dog (and I'm certain it wasn't his underwear). I also saw some signs for the moving sale that's at our new house where the seller is moving out.

And of course I ran to the new house, aka Fort Max, and ran around the neighborhood. That was the route I decided on yesterday and that was what I stuck to. It was kind of nice to go from old to new and back again. It'll be nice to be back to my old hood.

The way back was much rougher. The heat wasn't much worse and the humidity was the same but I was lacking a lot of energy. I'm not sure if it was fueling or electrolytes, or just lack of training. My guess is lack of training. So even though I can go out and do 10 or 15 miles at a time, I do have a price to pay in the later miles. Thankfully I didn't need to pay too much until the last few miles.


Moving Sale!

Temps were about 70F to 75F. Humidity was high. Sky was overcast. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had about one scoop of chocolate GenUCAN before the run. During the run I had plain water, a bottle of GenUCAN electrolyte drink mix mixed with plain GenUCAN fuel. I also had plain water in my hydration pack. At about one hour and the second hour, I had an applesauce. Recovery was a Capri Sun because I was feeling a little woozy when I got home. I know it wasn't the best choice but it helped getting the extra sugar. I followed that with some nasty fries and a burger. And a coffee. Really needed the coffee more than anything.

Aches and Pains:
Felt pretty solid for the first part of the run. Second half had a abdominal cramp appear for some reason. It wasn't like a side stitch from running too fast (ha!) it was more like a cramp or strain. Anyway, it was there the whole way back and didn't fade or come and go like a side stitch. Also had some minor pain in my right foot on a few of my toes. Nothing major but noticeable. And I had some minor pain in my right knee. Again, nothing major, just some pain on the outside of it.

No special gear but I did forget to pack my knife. So when I ran past a box cutter that somebody lost on the side of the road, I picked it up and carried it. Figured it was better than nothing.

Heart Rate:
I did pretty good staying in the zone for at least the first part. When I creeped into a higher zone, I felt decent keeping it steady at 160 the first half. The second half was rough and I struggled to keep things below 170. Seems like every time I got up and running again, I needed to slow down.

Finish - 3:14:04
AVG HR - 155
MAX HR - 186
MIN HR - 91
RHR - Forgot to measure
Weight - 224.2 (after the run)

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