Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Productive Garden Day

This weekend, the kids and I spent some time digging in poop. I love how they just stick their hands in the garden and play in the dirt until I remind them that there's peat moss, vermiculite, and manure in there. The look of horror on their faces as they realize what they just did. Ha!

Anyway, they helped plant the first round of carrots, onions, and lettuce. I also planted some marigolds to help attract bees and deter wildlife. This year, instead of planting the marigolds around the outside of the garden, I'm planting them in the middle. Hopefully that will make harvesting and weeding easier. Of course that's assuming there's anything to harvest.

I also added some regular dirt from the scrap heap in an attempt to raise the level inside the planter a bit. It looked a little low with just the three ingredients so I figured some plain, old-fashioned dirt would help. I took a couple of loads with the bucket on the tractor and it seemed to go well.

Here's one box after the planting and watering. I'm also skipping the string between crops as it was just too complex and made weeding hard. Figured just some tiny berms/ditches would help define the areas just fine.

And here's a little side project I worked on. Thanks to some inspiration from Wranglerstar, I took one of the trees I cut down earlier and cut it to length. Then removed what little grass was there, added some of my starter soil mix, and planted some flowers and tall grass. I figured in a worst-case scenario, I'd at least have nothing there to cut with the weedeater. Best-case scenario would be some pretty flowers and grass that I wouldn't have to cut with the weedeater.

Next up will be another round of carrots, onions, and lettuce along with some corn. Woohoo!

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