Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Hills Are Alive With A Chafed Dick

Today's run was much better. Probably because I got to run outside. It was still chilly but it wasn't too terrible. The worst part was the change in time and the dumbass drivers. My alarm went off and I promptly went back to bed for an hour. When it went off a second time, I snuggled with my wife for a good long while. And yes, we snuggled. No hanky panky. And I'm sure she loved the snuggle time.

Anyway, once I finally got my rear out the door, it wasn't too terrible outside. The sun was up and so was the wind. Woof. Had several stretches of road where I just about stood up because of the wind. And those damn drivers, I mean, seriously? You can't move the fuck over a foot or three? I had one woman I swear I could have high-fived her mirror. She had no reason to not move over and as far as I'm concerned, she has no reason to be allowed to drive. I understand if you're distracted. Like the guy that was texting on his phone, I know he didn't see me. I knew I needed to keep an eye on him. But this lady made fucking eye contact. While she was driving. And still didn't move over. If I had something in my hand, I would have thrown it at her. And I would have been more than happy to tell the police why.

Enough of the ranting. Along the way I saw a bunch of dead deer, both road kill and body dumps from hunters. Saw some old scenery on some old routes I haven't gone down in ages. And the one time I wanted to stop and wipe my ass, a car drives by. Figures. I eventually found some privacy and did the deed. I also made a pit stop at the local Sheetz to grab some resupplies. And that was about it.

No matter how tired I got, I was NOT taking a nap on that thing.

These are the new power poles going up across the county.

Temps were about 50F. Sun was out along with some clouds. Wind was high at 20 to 30 mph.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had half a bottle of GenUCAN before the run. During the run I had plain water, a bottle of Hammer Fizz, and apple sauce. The Hammer Fizz was in the second half of the trip. The first applesauce pouch was at the halfway point and the second was near the end. At the halfway point I also had a small coffee. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite mixed with chocolate ZICO and coffee along with two ham/cheese/lettuce wraps.

Aches and Pains:
Had some minor chafing down below. Nothing too bad but enough to make for a slightly uncomfortable shower. I also noticed at one point that the ball of my left foot was getting rubbed the wrong way and I suddenly realized that I was turning my foot to the side so I landed on the outside edge of my foot and then when I pushed off I was kind of scratching at the dirt like a chicken and pushing a bit to the inside. Weird. After that, things felt fine. Even during the last mile I was able to crank out a sub 12 pace. Felt nice. Hard, but not gasping for breath like I was going to die kind of hard.

Wore shorts, thermal shirt, t-shirt, gloves, two Buffs, and my Nathan hydration pack. Once again, the Buffs saved my face from freezing off in the strong head winds. The hydration pack helped carry any extra gear I needed but I didn't take much. Just my knife, my applesauce, and my Hammer Fizz mix. And some cash. Which got a little sweaty by the time I needed to use it.

First Half - 1:18:59
Aid Station - 8:53
Second Half - 1:31:24
Last mile - 11:36 pace
Finish - 2:59:17
RHR - 60
Weight - 222.4 (after the run but before eating)

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