Monday, March 03, 2014

Podcast - Mile 79 - My New Studio

Welcome to my new indoor studio. Which is my kitchen. Where my giant treadmill, aka Darth Vader, is located. I still hate him and love him all at the same time. I digress into why I named him Darth Vader and why I name things in general.

I mention some of my jealousy of my wife working out with Darth Vader, how heavy he is, and how the delivery of Darth wasn't quite what I had hoped for. I sure as hell could have used a Jedi's Force powers to lift it up the steps. And then of course we go into where the hell to put Darth. He's larger than life and thankfully we found a spot for him. I'm sure Jabba went through some similar issues when he wanted to find a spot to put Han in carbonite.

And then I spend some time doing a bit of a review of the treadmill. If you'd like to see what it looks like on Amazon, click here. Otherwise, you can head over to SoundCloud to listen to the show.

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