Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Went out for a nice jaunt with Tab on Sunday (I'm writing this on Monday, thus the clarification). Generally speaking, the run was boring. Not. Let's see, Tab and I talked about everything from naked mole rats to future races. We passed two sets of people. I fell down. And I took some pictures. Not boring at all.

We started at our usual parking spot and even though she said she was going to be late, she showed up just in time to catch me watering a tree. Damn. It was pretty foggy at the start but cleared up just a bit by the end. Still, it was a bit creepy passing cows in the fog as they moo. Made me think zombies were chasing me. We slowly crept down to the turnaround point and headed back. That's when all the fun began. Passed on set of runners and Tab decided she needed to show them who was boss by going a bit too fast for me. Once I slowed her down again, I promptly fell while I was thinking about naked mole rats. Not a good thing. I caught myself well enough but gave my left knee and left calf a good bang. My hands were saved by my gloves so they were fine. After my fall, we carried on and passed a couple of walkers. At least Tab went slower this time. And then in the last mile, she left me in the dust. Partly because she just wanted to finish and partly because I stopped to fish a rock the size of Plymouth out of my shoe and snap a few more photos.

Overall, things were just dandy. A bit chilly and damp but decent enough. As usual, it was great to run with Tab. She provides a plethora of talking points and is always nice enough to hear me out. Running with somebody is so much easier and better than running alone.

The parking lot was foggy.

Tab running through the fog to catch up to me.

Running in step with each other.

Things cleared up but it was still foggy.

Damn beavers.

Temps were 35F at the start and 45F by the end. There was heavy fog at the start and while it cleared a bit by the end it was still foggy. I didn't see the sun until I got back home and ate lunch. The fog meant it was damp as well.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was a burrito, apple turnover, yogurt, and iced coffee. During the run I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz and plain water in my hydration pack. I finished both by the end but was clearly dragging over the last 2 to 4 miles due to a lack of fuel.

Aches and Pains:
My chest was a bit tight thanks to the lingering cold. My left knee, left calf, left forearm, and both hands hurt from the fall but only the calf and knee hurt now. Beyond the fall, nothing else really hurt.

Used my hydration pack and toted my GoPro camera as well. Nothing too exciting beyond that. Wore shorts under pants, hat, gloves, and a t-shirt with arm sleeves under a long sleeve.

Codename - Falling
If a Lumberjack falls in the forest, does his running partner hear him? Apparently not.

Mile 1 - 12:34
Mile 2 - 11:16
Mile 3 - 13:08
Mile 4 - 12:38
Mile 5 - 12:51
Mile 6 - 13:47
Mile 7 - 14:01
Mile 8 - 13:31
Mile 9 - 11:42
Mile 10 - 12:23
Mile 11 - 13:37
Mile 12 - 12:20
Finish - 2:33:52

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