Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today's Run - Homage

Finally. Some semblance of getting back into my groove. Sort of. Maybe.

Today's run almost didn't happen thanks to some bad timing. Wife and I agreed that I'd run this afternoon instead of this morning so we could spend the day shopping together while the kids stayed with my in-laws. Gotta love free babysitting, especially when the in-laws and the kids have a blast with each other. So we shopped around town, ran errands, had a nice lunch, and picked up a few groceries.

But by the time we made it home, it was nearly sundown. I hate it when winter decides that the sun goes down so early. So I scampered around, got dressed, and booked it out the door while I still had a few stray beams of sunlight. I ran one of my usual routes instead of running at the local state park since I was short on time and sunlight. And I'm glad I went when I did. The sun was just below the treeline when I got back and cars were starting to scare me when they drove by without their headlights. But I made it safely and generally enjoyed myself. I recorded another podcast, listened to some podcasts, and did my best not to kill myself with a faster pace. Since I came back alive, I guess I was successful.

Temps were about 45F, sky was clear with a few clouds, and the winds were steady around 10 or 15 mph.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was eggs, toast, and coffee. Lunch was a giant ceasar salad with grilled salmon. During the run I took a hit of Hammer gel around mile 1 and another hit around mile 2. I took one bottle of water and one bottle of watered down flat soda.

I took my new iPod and wore my Brooks windbreaker. It's bright as fuck and I'm glad I took it to cut down on the windchill. My face was pretty cold the first half mile as I ran by open farmland. On the gravel road the winds were lighter but the jacket still helped keep me warm. I also wore my new pair of Kinvara 2 that I've had stuffed in a box waiting for another pair to retire.

Aches and Pains:
Not really any to speak of except my left knee felt a little twingey around mile 4. I think this was mostly due to the new shoes.Link
Codename - Homage
I think I gave UltraDad a run for his money with my intro to the latest podcast episode. Guess we'll see how he likes it. Too bad I can't do a Canadian accent, eh?

Outbound - 30:12
Inbound - 30:12
Finish - 1:00:18

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