Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been meaning to post about this for weeks, but I've lately been seeing a large flock of turkeys by the YMCA down the road. Not sure of the exact number, but there's been at least ten to fifteen of them every few days. They sit in one of the clearings pecking away at the ground.


Anonymous said...

All hens? Oh. I bet you dont know. The guys have beards. Little skinny hangy downy things that hang (no not THAT thing! geesh.....) from below their beak.... off their neck. Sometimes hard to see.

Mert shot one once during turkey season, thinking it was a male. It was a he/she... a female with a beard.

Dont you love that your Mom is full of useless trivia?

Did you know that this morning the moon set ONE MINUTE before the sun rose? And I slept thru it.


TK42ONE said...

I think a few were males, but they were too far away to make any sort of a guess.

And yes, I knew about the beard.

Don't you remember Salt and Pepper the two pets I had? Damn things are so dumb.

Anonymous said...

I sure do remember them! Beyond dumb. And dumbest of all? Was Bobby letting them crawl up his shirt and up on top of his head. It was hysterical. And ended when one of them shit on top of his head. You and I almost fell on the ground laughing that evening!