Monday, April 21, 2008

Taking the Funding Out of Fundamental

So sayeth the "leader" of the free world. Yep, Bushy Baby stops RIF (Reading is Fundamental) funding.

And the same link will provide you with news about Borders reorganization and the rise in Graphic Novel sales. If I didn't read a few graphic novels, I'd be prone to suggest that cartoons and comics are the wave of the future since they have no words. (That was a vague reference to Fahrenheit 451 where reading and books are banned and all the news is in comic format, as in if RIF dies, will we all be reading comics in the future? Never mind, I lost myself in that one.)

And best of all, e-books and the Navy make a deal. It will certainly make things roomier on board that sub, but I'm sure the sailors will still like their real books in their real hands.

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