Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Peanut Gallery

Tomorrow I get to feel like I spent the night in a sleeping bag with a dozen rabid hedgehogs. And I hope to come out of the experience wiser than before. I'm hoping the preliminary results of tomorrow's allergy tests will at least put some of my food related woes to rest. A definitive answer to what I'm allergic to and what I'm not allergic to. At least it's not like I'm allergic to peanuts but still like to eat them. They smell and look nasty. And chicken isn't far behind.

But I did happen to read a rather interesting article in the paper the other day about manufacturers and how much they are in the dark. And it reminded me of my Mom's spoon theory about how much you need to plan out your day and be careful with what you do. Maybe having the allergy for so long has made me immune to the effects of caution, but I've learned that certain foods are safe and anything new needs to be checked.

And having a daughter that shares some of the same allergies makes you take notice a bit more than normal too.

And having friends with even worse combinations of allergies makes you a bit more thankful that your life isn't as bad.

And knowing the top eight ingredients that must be labeled on all foods makes you feel like a bit of a nut.

No pun intended.

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