Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Family Treasure Hunt

So, this might be a meme floating out there somewhere, but I got the idea when I was checking out some family sites yesterday. Wouldn't it be neat to see how many people you could find from your own family? Guess my 8th place finish in the Virtual Globetrotting Scavenger Hunt went to my head.

So, here's the name of the game. Find as many photos of your family members out there as possible. Scoring and rules will be as follows:

- One (1) point for each family member photo.
- One (1) extra point for each photo with more than one family member. But you can't count the same person more than once.
- No sites can be used that are administered by yourself.
- Limit the photos to your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and first cousins (and try to avoid ancestors).
- All photos must have been taken after September 1, 2006 (just shy of a year ago).

The prize? Well, I don't have a prize. But let's see who can win.

My Family Treasure Hunt

Cousin Steve - 1 point

Cousin Glenn (Steve's brother) with unidentified woman - 1 point

Cousin Eric (playing guitar for his band) - 1 point

Aunt Marilyn with Cousin Cinda (her daughter) - 2 points + 1 extra point

Cousin Andy (second from left, Cinda's brother), Aunt Laurie (third from left), and Cousin Cinda (again) - 2 points + 1 extra point

Cousin Mark, Cousin Glenn (again), and Cousin Jeff (Jeff and Mark are brothers) - God, I hope I got those names right - 2 points + 1 extra point

Cousin Jared (and his wife Melissa) - 1 point

My mom (and Steve, her.....well, I'll let mom answer that one) - 1 point

The winner - Aunt Susie, Uncle Eric, Cousins Damon, Sunny, Jarod (again), Abram, and my mom (again) - 5 points + 1 extra point

Uncle Dan and Aunt Gail (far left, Cinda and Andy's father) and Uncle Gary (far right, mom's twin brother) - 3 points + 1 extra point

Total = 24 Points


Anonymous said...

actually, im giving you a couple extra points. the 5th picture includes on the bottom right, your cousin jackson. and 6th picture, far right your cousin taylor.

and in last picture, with dan and gail and gary.... are your step aunt jaque and step uncle teddy.

love, mom

Anonymous said...

i think you shouldn't count all those for points as they're all on MY site (or linked, anyway)!

uhmm... and in photo number 5, where you mention mark and jeff are brothers... well.. they're stepbrothers (and god-sons/father)with glenn, don't forget!

plus, in the 6th photo, when your mom added jackson in the bottom right corner, you also missed Kellar, who I'm holding.

but, since you didn't spend time looking very far... i WONT mention that EVERY SINGLE member of our family is on my site somewhere (with the exception of William, I think!). :) [although, i suppose not all have been taken since 9/1/06.... if i updated my site, you'd be golden. ]

Anonymous said...

oh....and also in photo 5 you missed Andy's wife Amy and their daughter Quinn.

-Melissa- said...

Loved looking at the family pictures. Some of the pictures looked very familiar to me. :)

TK42ONE said...

I should have known I'd forget someone. And I didn't count the "steps" or the spouses of first cousins. Guess I should have mentioned that in the rules.

And cinda, yes, you should update more often. Shame on you. Keep it up and you'll make me look good.

Anonymous said...

You need a better set of rules. C'mon! You counted the spouses of your aunts and uncles, but the not the spouses of your cousins. If you want blood relatives only, then you need to remove a few of your points, but then add the kids of your cousins (there are a bunch in the bryson photo)... they're blood related.
I'll get to updating phots soon... uhmm... really. I'm still recovering from trip to Maui and am WAY behind on work. photos will have to wait a while.

TK42ONE said...

You're going to use Maui as an excuse? I think you should just be quiet now. Maui. Sheesh. Next time, pack you good ol' cousin Neil in one of those suitcases. I need a tan.