Friday, December 01, 2006

Contest Winner gets the Schtick!-edited-




Is this it? Will this be the defining day? Will life change again next year?

[Don't bother asking what I'm talking about because I'm not ready to tell you.]

Other News

My in-laws will be visiting for Christmas soon. Not sure if I'm ready for my house to be invaded, but I'll survive. This weekend will be spent getting Christmas photos taken, attending -edited-, and going to the Riverside to watch Nunsense. And somewhere in there we need to find the time to measure the shed for insulation, wash the laundry, do the dishes, and clean the house. Oh the joy of home-ownership.

Contest Winner

Almost forgot about the winner of the contest I ran this month. There was none because I apparently have no blog readers that are not related to me. It feels good to be average. Maybe I'll get some traffic on my Holiday Movie Guide.

Oh, and the most popular video for November 2006?

I Ain't No Holla Back Girl with 316 views.

Followed closely by Shooting at the range 5 (294 views) and Seahawks Suck! (293 views).

The most downloaded videos were Shooting at the range 5 with 7 downloads followed by The pond at Bear Creek Inn 2 and METRA Train in Downers Grove, IL - full, each with 6 downloads.

The prize? Who the hell cares, you're not getting it now. Guess you got the schtick!

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