Tuesday, September 26, 2006

6 Random Thoughts For Today

Hey. It’s early. I haven’t had enough caffeine to even have 10 thoughts yet, let alone random ones.

  1. I saw a dancing deer on the back of a truck yesterday during my commute to work. I wasn’t sure what to think.

  2. My wife, daughter, and father have all picked up the same cough/runny nose I have. I wish I could stay at home and take care of them since I’m feeling better.

  3. The coaches (aka supervisors) at work have all gone off-site (and out of state). Which leaves my co-worker and myself in charge of our team. And she leaves tomorrow to go off-site for the week. Muhahaha!!!

  4. I watched “Heroes” last night on NBC and was pleasantly surprised. While I was expecting something less than ordinary (the previews made it look as bad as “Jericho”), it wasn’t too bad. It’ll be on my “if I have time I’ll watch it” list.

  5. 7th Heaven” was okay last night. I’m still severely pissed off that “Everwood” was cancelled.

  6. NCIS,” “CSI,” and “CSI: Miami” have started out good (seems I’m on a TV kick here). “CSI” wins hands down as the best season premiere I’ve seen in ages while “NCIS” is starting to get a little funky with the cheese factor.

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