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LOST With Elizabeth - Season 2, Disc 6

Changes to previous answers are highlighted.

Disc 6 Questions
Just like Season 1, there were no questions at the end of this disc. But we went back and re-visited the previous questions to see if there where any changes in her answers.

Disc 5 Questions

What else will Michael do in his pursuit of Walt? [he just killed Ana Lucia and Libby]

He took four people with him but Hurley was allowed to leave so technically he made three people go as prisoner. But I really feel like that boat is suspicious. Like they're not going to just let him go and be free [see note below about Season 3].

What will we find out about Henry Gale?

[insert chuckling] He is the "king" of the Others for lack of a better term. And if you don't listen to him, then I don't know what happens to you but not something good [see note below about Season 3].

What is Dharma and why do they have their own food products?

Dharma is an experiment to see how people do with this problem their faced with. And they have their own food products because the people on the island need some source of food besides papayas, mangoes, and fish. They didn't want any other companies influencing the experiment people. And I feel like the question mark place was an experiment too.

Is Hurley really crazy?

I don't think Hurley is crazy. I think it's his conscience that is crazy.

Another pre-island coincidence? [Libby in the mental hospital]


? [the black light painting on the blast door that shows a map]
I think it's meant so that you can find all of the other Dharma buildings and what the center of the island is. It will lead you to an underground passage back to the real world. Well, they're in the real world so like back to civilization. In contact with real people. But it's like a mystery and they have to solve it. Except it didn't take them anywhere. It took them to a place where they were monitoring the other Dharmas. You know, really when you think about it, why would they have people on the island doing that when they could just as easily have people on land doing that.

Disc 4 Questions

Who kidnapped Sun?

Charlie. [said in a really bad Australian accent like Claire]

Should we believe Henry Gale's story?


Or listen to what Rousseau says about him? [Henry Gale]

I don't know if she [Rousseau] went extreme now. What it seems like is he's the leader. When he was prisoner he made it seem like he was a lower class but what we're seeing now [see note below about Season 3] he seems more like the person in charge.

How is Sun pregnant?

I don't know.

Will they find Henry Gale's balloon?

They found his balloon but it wasn't his balloon. It was the real Henry Gale's balloon, not the other Henry Gale's balloon [the one in the Hatch].

Disc 3 Questions

Where is Walt writing from?

The boat people are the same as The Others. He asked for Alex and Alex was with the Others. Walt was writing from where the other Tailies were. Walt and the other Tailies don't know that they're on the same flight but they're both against The Others. So Walt is teamed up with them [the other Tailies].

Is it a coincidence that Eko and his brother ended up on the same island?


Will Claire and Charlie's relationship ever be the same?

It won't be the same but it will be similar.

Or will Charlie give into temptation? [heroin]


Will Michael find Walt on his own?

He will think he knows where Walt is and come back and get help. I was right except he knew [see note below about Season 3].

Will Jack and Ana Lucia lead a war against the Others?
I don't really think so anymore. I don't think there will be a war against the Others. I think the people on the beach will try to be nice to the Others but the Others will be mean to them. So then the Others will be like we have some of your people. Then the people on the beach will try to go to war against them but it won't work out so well for the people on the beach.

Disc 2 Questions

Where did "The Others" take the other 9 Tailies?

That one is a little more complicated. To the zoo place with the aquarium [she means the Hydra station or the one with the polar bear cages that is seen in Season 3, Disc 1 - we kind of goofed and forgot to do these questions before starting Season 3].

Was that really Walt? [standing in the jungle]


Does absence make the heart grow fonder? [Sun and Jin and Bernard and Rose]


Will Sawyer make a full recovery?

Yes but his left arm will be weaker than it was.

Are they more connected than they think? [Jack and Ana Lucia]

Yes. But they still both have big trust issues. So does Locke. Really, everyone on the island. Not anymore but at the time, yes.

Disc 1 Questions

What have the Tailies been through the last 48 days?

There was an entire episode about this.

What happens if they don't push the button before the time runs out? [in the Hatch]

The electromagnetic thing doesn't turn off, it becomes more powerful and starts attracting things like airplanes out of the sky.

Is a reunion in store for Bernard and Rose?


Was Jack and Desmond's previous meeting a mere coincidence...?


... or is it fate? [the meeting of Jack and Desmond]

I wouldn't say fate but it wasn't a coincidence. It was half in-between.

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