Wednesday, August 09, 2017

LOST With Elizabeth - Season 1, Disc 2

Changes to previous answers are highlighted.

Disc 2 Questions

Who attacked Sayid?

A friendship or more? [Sun and Michael]
Friends but not sure what to think of him but trusts him enough to let him know she speaks English.

What will he find? [Sayid]
He will find out what the monster thing is like Locke did.

Will the survivors ever find more food?

Who is the real Sawyer?
Not sure who but most likely known to one other character.

Will life be better at the caves?
About the same but Charlie and Jack will be there [that's a good thing].

Disc 1 Questions

How did John end up in the wheel chair?

What's wrong with Sun's marriage?
She wasn't really excited about getting married and didn't know how to break the news and isn't telling him everything and he doesn't like that.

Where did Locke learn to hunt?
His father or grandfather taught him.

Why was Jack in Australia?
Finding or trying to find his father.

What did Kate do?
Still don't know but is trying not to be that person anymore.

Where is the transmission coming from?
[Liked the old answer of "The monster thing ate it along with the French girl." but didn't think it was realistic.] Probably buried but not on purpose more like because of time. Like on the other side of the island.

Will Charlie kick the habit?
Yes, he burned it.

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