Saturday, July 15, 2017

40 Years Ago Today - July 15, 1977

Two different entries for today. The first is yet another visit to see Dr. Cho. Thankfully this time it was just a well baby check and not another ear infection.

The second is more interesting in that it shows a side of my father I never really saw. He had his hunting license issued. The California Hunting License cost him $10 and expired June 30, 1978. Only the Deer Tag line has a number printed. The Bear Tag line is blank and there are no pheasant or duck stamps on the reverse side. While some sellers and researchers have left the personal information on their online photos, I've redacted my dad's just to play it safe.


Gayle said...

I'm surprised he didn't have the duck stamp. He hunted ducks often on base.
We went deer hunting one year. I stayed at the tent and read a book.

Neil Richard said...

He may have on other ones, not sure. This was just the one that happened to show up in my research. Never knew you went with him. Not surprised you stayed behind to read though.