Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 3 - Routine

Working on getting into a routine of sorts around the house. Not even a week into the new life so I know it'll take time. Today's adjustment was my new job. Just like in the past, I won't talk about my current employer. Not that I have anything against them, I just find it not quite the right thing to do. Previous employers, sure, I'm more than happy to talk about them.

But talking about current employers has gotten me in trouble in the past. I've overshared certain things and had my hand slapped. And while I try to stick to the rule of "don't say anything you wouldn't tell your grandmother," sometimes it doesn't matter what you say, your employer doesn't like it. I also find it easier to keep my personal life and my work life separate when I don't mix them on social media.

It has nothing to do with the employer, my bosses, my direct-reports, my location, my security clearance, nothing like that. As it stands now, those are all great. I have no issues at all. I just don't want to compromise where I am and what I'm doing by opening my mouth and people thinking it's something my employer has sponsored when it's not. This is my channel, my voice, and I'm wholly responsible for what comes out of my mouth

So in the end, no, I won't talk about where I'm working.

But I'm happy to roast my previous employers over the coals. Or praise them for doing something right. I'm no business expert but I've learned a few things in my time.

Anyway, on with today's story. I started the day out with my planned 2 mile run. I went over a bit but that's just how the route worked out. Along the way I talked to my dad and we made breakfast plans. After breakfast, I vacuumed in the basement and headed off to work.

Work was, work. Nuff said.


Temps for the run were about 550F to 55F. The sun was out but there were some clouds. Wind was light.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had a little coffee before the run. Plain water during the run. Recovery was a veggie omelette, two slices of toast, and hash browns. And more coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing hurt during the run. There were a few times I felt extremely light on my feet and totally in a groove. The rest of the time I felt like a blob oozing forward slowly in a herky-jerky fashion.

Shorts and a long sleeve top. And my BUFF. Should have worn another layer on top. Should have worn gloves too.

Today's Motivation:
As much as I wanted to continue moving around the neighborhood, the chill air and the offer of breakfast drove me inside to take a shower. As I ran, I realized I'll run for boobs and food. And probably a few other things too.

Naughty Neil:
I really want to eat a cookie. But I'm going to do my best to avoid snacks tonight. I ate a bit more calorie-wise today than I had hoped for. And with my weigh-in on Monday of 246.2 pounds, I really need to knock some of that shit off.

Lollipop 1 - 16:02
Lollipop 2 - 16:45
Finish - 32:48


Lauren said...

You'll run for boobs?

Neil Richard said...

Yep. I'll run for boobs. And butts. And all sorts of inappropriate things.