Friday, October 22, 2010

Product Review - Saucony Protection Gloves

These are the Saucony Protection Gloves in ViZiPRO Orange. They're also available in black, but then who can see you?! They come in various sizes (Extra Small to Extra Large) and retail for $40.00 (direct from Saucony). It's a bit expensive for gloves, but they should last a good while.

This is my third pair of Saucony gloves and I think I like these the best. My first (and oldest) pair is just a light, single layer model. The second pair is a lot like the newer Protection Gloves except they convert into mittens. Turns out I'm not much of a mitten fan so I picked up the Protection Gloves to try out. I like them. A lot. They actually have two layers, so they're warmer than my older gloves. This makes them great for winter runs and when it's windy enough to make you think about wind-chill when you get dressed.

- Magnets - On the inside of each wrist, there are two small magnets that keep the gloves together. Nothing fancy but not my preferred method of attaching them together. I guess I'm afraid they'd interfere with a compass. Not that I carry one, but I might need to.

- ViZiPRO - This is my new favorite color. Not just the usual bright orange or even fluorescent orange, this is super-bright orange. The fingers and the back of the hand are covered in this magically bright material. I'm sure some planes flying overhead could see you if they really wanted to.

- Reflective Patches - There are a few spots where reflective logos have been heat-transferred onto the glove. There's the Saucony name, the Saucony logo, and some reflective material on the back of the hand as well.

- LED Light - Pretty neat light. You charge it by using a USB port on your computer. Takes about 20 minutes and will last about an hour. There's a little clip that covers the USB part so you can even clip it to a hat, shirt, or something else if you wanted to. Only two modes though, ON and FLASHING. Three modes if you count OFF.

- Rubber Tips - The forefinger and thumb on each hand have a little rubber triangle (pyramid might be a better descriptor) thing that gives you a somewhat better grip on things. Not really much of a better grip to make it worthwhile though.

- Thumb Mop - Each thumb has a terry-cloth-like sweat mop. Works just like those found on many bicycle gloves and it works great. Trust me. I sweat a lot and it works well. The only hinderence I've found is with the LED light. Which just means it's easier to mop with my left hand instead of my right.

Overall they fit well. I had to get the XL size since that seems to be the best fit (same goes for the mittens, although the thinner gloves, the old ones mentioned above, I have are a large). Your fingers don't bind and the wrists are loose enough to make room for a watch. The sizing says Women on their website but it's marked as Unisex inside the glove itself. And seeing as I have big gorilla hands, I'd trust the glove.

- Machine wash cold
- Do not bleach
- Line dry
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean

I like these. They keep my hands warm. They have a light. They are super-bright. And I can wipe the sweat from my brow. They're a bit tight but I think that's good. You can still get them on but they won't go flying off like hockey gloves before a fight. I think I like the light the best, even though it can get in the way at times when you're wiping your brow. While it doesn't say it's water-proof, I've used it in the rain several times and it came out just fine. But I wouldn't recommend washing it and I'd make sure to air dry it before recharging it. They break wind very well (as in they don't stink when they do it) so they can be used for bike rides in colder weather. I'd recommend these instead of the mitts though, but more on that when I review the mitts.

If you're interested in how I measure up, literally, you can go to this photo gallery to see my body measurements. Nothing pornographic, but there may be a fat, hairy guy in some of the photos so consider yourself warned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I'm interested in these gloves for cold-weather night runs and you had an informative take on these!

Neil Richard said...

Glad I could help!