Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Vacation was, well, it was a breakation. The first full day of vacation William broke his leg. And it rained nearly every day. But, in the spirit of staying positive (or at least trying), here are some good things that happened.

- Service and care was great at the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh (there was also another kid there that broke his arm trying to squish a spider - sad but funny).
- Elizabeth got a chance to go back to the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh and got to see bob the Builder (which is weird because she doesn't even watch his show).
- Elizabeth got to spend the night with my Mom and Steve (and got to see their cows).
- Elizabeth got to spend the week (still ongoing) with Yvonne's parents.
- I got to eat not one, but two Blizzards.
- I got to read.

Yes, other good stuff happened (like I ran a 5k race and survived) but, well, just look at the pictures. They're more entertaining anyway.

Click here to see them all.

Oh yeah, and today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Happy dorkiversary dear!


1979 semi-finalist said...

First of all - sorry to hear your vacation became a breakation.

Second of all - great pictures - looks like fun regardless of the break.

Third, you get total points for referring to the "Queen and King" in your photo instead of the "King and Queen"...I know you likely did it because that's how they were positioned in the photo, but I'm going to choose to believe that it's your true feminist nature. yay! :)

Lastly, "slide of doom" made me laugh, multiple times. Good work. Anytime you can find a funny way to look at bad things I think you're headed in the right direction... right?

Hope William is doing okay.

TK42ONE said...

Thanks for the sympathies. He's doing much better now (nearly running) and will likely get faster next week if they give him a smaller cast.

Glad I could make you laugh.