Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where you were meme

Stealing Jim C. Hines' post on looking back, I thought I'd take everyone on a little trip down memory lane.

1 year ago - I was struggling through Assassin's Apprentice and posting some Norwegian Family photos. How odd that I'm struggling through Royal Assassin and I still want to go to Norway. Yvonne had short hair, Elizabeth was still cute as a button, and William looked like a giant, hungry worm.

5 years ago - I was eagerly awaiting the birth of Elizabeth. Ha! I was scared out of my gourd. Totally not ready to be a dad or a father. We were living in King George, Virginia, Yvonne was a teacher, and I was working for Intuit.

10 years ago - I was eagerly awaiting the marriage to my then fiance, now wife. Ha! I was scared out of my gourd. Totally not ready to be married. We were between moving from Edinboro, Pennsylvania to Shelby, North Carolina. Yvonne was moving from being a grad student to being a teacher and I was moving from being a baker's assistant in a grocery store to working for Books-A-Million.

20 years ago - I was 12 and in middle school. Eighth grade I believe and I had huge hair. Don't believe me?

30 years ago - I was 2. And I have no idea what I was doing. Probably running around and terrorizing my parents.

40 years ago - I wasn't around yet.

Note: I meant to post this last week but must have missed it in the shuffle of things.


1979 semi-finalist said...

I meant to tell you that this is an awesome post. I've secretly been wanting to do it as well, but am afraid a) nobody is interested but me and b) it will be revealing/depressing...

Neil Richard said...

I figure most people wouldn't care about me anyway, so there's the first half of the depression. As for the second half, I really hate looking at older photos and seeing how young and skinny I look. I don't mind getting old and even my grey hairs are okay. But man I hate having such a thick gut.

Go ahead and do one. You know you'll have at least three people reading it, right?