Thursday, December 04, 2008

2008 Turkey Trot

So, I never posted my time from the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. It's still in my inbox and I seem to keep avoiding it. Maybe I'm subconsciously ashamed of it.

Congratulations Neil you finished the Turkey Trot 5 km on Nov 27, 2008 with a
time of 01:04:47. You placed 1807 of 1816 runners, 871 of 874 Male runners and
57 of 57 in the Clydesdale division. You scored 2 Grand Prix points in this
race. Weather on Race day was 38 degrees, sunny.

Yes, that's right. An hour and four minutes. But I was sick and walked it. With a four year old. And yes, I registered in the Clydesdale division. Something I doubt I'll do again (not because it means I'm fat, but because it seems to take you out of the "normal" men's division).

Aside from being slow (and sick), I'm okay with my time. I hadn't really trained for it and didn't really feel motivated to run it. But when I saw those guys cruising back before we even hit the 1 mile mark, I wanted to get well and run.

Overall, I was amazed at how many runners there were. I mean, this is Thanksgiving morning. And it's freezing cold out. And over 2,000 adult runners showed up for the 5k, plus another 600 or so kids ran the mile. What I enjoyed the most, was the attitude of everyone involved. Sure, some of the kids were being dragged along that one mile route, but nearly everyone was happy to be there. Add a few kegs and it would have been a regular party.

And the sportsmanship of those involved was also great. Cheers went up for the race leaders. The girl in the wheelchair. The stragglers like us. And several people were amazed that Elizabeth did the race. Several people asked "Did she do the whole thing?" or "She's only four?"

Yep, she did it all by herself. I carried her after the Finish line. And she ran a good portion of it too, just in spurts. I think next summer she may be able to do some one mile runs.

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