Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where’s the beef?

I’ve been a little swamped in life lately.  I know I can easily drop a few projects, but sometimes it helps pass the time.  Like I have enough time.  Work has picked up a trifle.  The PTB (powers that be) are pushing to start a training class by mid-September.  That means I need to scramble to get the material, room, and everything else associated with the class ready.  Mostly that means psyching myself up to the task.  And we have a Customer Service Week in early October that will also demand some time.  Added to that are the usual coaching sessions that need to be done and the other time wasters that are dumped on me.  Home has been busy as well.  There’s always something that needs to be done (just one of the many joys of being a homeowner).  Doctor visits.  School starts soon.  Grass needs cut.  Cars need washed.  Well, maybe not.  If they haven’t stopped running from the month’s worth of dirt on there, they should be fine for a little longer.  And there’s the family history.  Keeping track of 25,000+ people is a little daunting.  Watching TV.  Just can’t give up those shows.  DVDs in the queue.  All those shows and movies waiting to be watched.  Dishes to be done.  Stories to write.  You know I write, right?  Random thoughts to blog about.  Submitting my releases to Automat to be included in the Snakes On A Plane DVD.  Books to read.  And listen to.  And review.  A website to update.  RSS feeds to read.  Email to read.  Training material to proof read for others.  An awesome premiere issue of Heliotrope to read.  Breakfast to eat.  Exercise to do, like that ever gets finished.  I think I’m done rambling for now.  That felt, well, not as cleansing as I had hoped.

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