Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Slave Ship Review

Slave Ship (Bounty Hunter Wars #2)
by K. W. Jeter

Review By: Neil Richard

Rating: 2 out of 5

It’s getting harder to stomach the drivel I read. Well, it’s not all drivel. But sometimes I feel like that’s what I’m reading.

With Slave Ship, Jeter continues the story of Fett in dual timelines. One being around A New Hope and the other around Return Of The Jedi. While the “now” and “then” is a different writing technique, it does take some effort to keep the separate storylines, well, separate. Fett continues to be fleshed out as do many of the other characters (including Prince Xizor, Darth Vader, the Emperor, Dengar, and other minor players).

Along with the extra flesh, there’s also some history thrown in. While it’s trivial for most Star Wars readers, a few of the die-hards will enjoy the schemes of Kuat of Kuat (as in Kuat Drive Yards) as well as those of Prince Xizor (that Black Sun guy with bad body odor).

Overall, a slow read. Or a fast one if you skipped a lot of the so-called drama. Very little action, very little dialog, very little…..everything. Not the best Star Wars book I’ve read, but also not the worst. Just closer to the later than I’d prefer. Hard Merchandise is next and I can only hope it’s not as hard as this one.

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