Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The C Word

With Webb and Allen in the news lately, there’s been plenty of air time for maccacca, and now the N word. Who said what? I don’t really care. To me, I’d rather have them be honest.

Just follow my’s easier than it looks.

1. Have I used the word maccacca? Not until Allen did. Before then, the only thing I used that was close was caca (as in poop).
2. Have I used the N word (as in nigger)? Yes. But never in a manner I meant to be mean or racial. Could it have been perceived that way? Sure. But my fellow co-workers have to (some white, some black).
3. Have I used the C word (as in cracker)? Yes. And when I use it, I am trying to be mean, but I use it to talk about me.

Am I white? Yes. Have I told racial jokes? Yes. Have I heard other ethnicities tell racial jokes? Yes. Will people continue to be ignorant and take things out of context? Absolutely. Too bad nobody ignorant reads this blog or I might be able to prove my point.

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